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Awesome Zelda Cross-stitch

Check this out…

The glow in the dark logo is particularly impressive!


Apple AirPort Express

Replaced an old wireless access point with an Apple AirPort Express this week. It’s pretty neat, the best part being wireless speakers connected to any iPod touch or iPhone in the house. Wherever you are! Also, my wireless actually works now which is also a benefit.

The Express plugs directly into any stereo system and will play music from any iTunes library or iDevice. There is even software available that will let you redirect sound from an application (such as Spotify) to the Airport. Spotify in the living room! Now that is useful.

It can function as an access point, like I currently have it set up or it can connect to an existing network allowing you to connect it to a remote speaker system in a bedroom or garage for example. Apparently you can extend network range too, but I haven’t looked into that yet.

Airfoil is the program I played with to redirectsound from a Windows PC. Available for Mac and Windows. It has a trial mode limited to ten minutes, but it definitely works with Spotify and probably a few other programs. Grooveshark, maybe?

Probably the best bit of wireless kit I’ve ever purchased!

Making the switch to Mac

Recently I bought a new MacBook Air (MBA) for my university work and other portable computing needs. After weighing up what I would be using it for, I realised gaming was not a priority for a laptop and I’d prefer something lighter (upgrading from a ‘lightweight’ Acer Timeline 4810) so I purchased the entry level MBA. It’s amazing! Resumes from sleep in a few seconds, weighs just over a kilo in my bag… and everything seems lightning fast due to the SSD inside. I love it!

One of my main concerns was Microsoft Office…

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Welcome to MacJournal!


To get started, create a new entry by clicking on “New Entry” in the toolbar or choosing “New Entry” from the File menu. You can also drag files from the Finder in to the Sidebar or the Entries list to import them as an entry. Show the Inspector from the View menu to see settings for the current entry, journal, and document.

What’s new in version 5?

  • All new interface.
  • Add any kind of content, not just text. Drag PDFs, QuickTime movies, images, and more into the Sidebar to create an entry with anything on your computer.
  • Open more than one MacJournal document at a time and save them wherever you want, or just use the default document and never worry about saving.
  • Create Smart Journals from searches you perform.
  • Create aliases to entries that you can store in other journals.
  • Assign each entry a rating, status, and priority, and sort any journal by those values.
  • Record video from your iSight and attach it to any entry.
  • Performance enhancements for working with large numbers of entries.
  • Import from Journler

What I’m Reading This Month: Zombies

This month I’ve been reading Zombie: An Anthology of the Undead (edited by Christopher Golden). So far, both are recommended. If you like Max Brooks’ zombie books (World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide) then you’ll most likely love the variety of short stories found in the anthology, including one by Max Brooks himself but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Hopefully I’ll get enough time to finish it this month.

Just a quick note, it seems that it has been released under the alternate title of The New Dead with identical content (and a missing Kindle edition)