Removing EXIF Data Using

A simple way to remove pesky EXIF data in photos (such as location information):

Ctrl + A –> Ctrl + C –> Ctrl + Alt + V

This copies the current image, and pastes it into a new file which you can simply save out minus the EXIF data.


2 thoughts on “Removing EXIF Data Using

  1. Peter

    I guess, copying-pasting, and then re-saving leads to small quality degradation. Also, removing of absolutely all metadata, including copyright, is not a good idea. I think, in this particular case, using of specialized software is better – look at that EXIF remover: At the first glance it’s fine – batch mode and tag selection there. The only con, that it is not free.

  2. Daffyd K Jones

    This method will cause image degradation. Much better to use an image viewer like IrfanView or FSViewer – these can remove EXIF information (and other metadata) with one click, without altering the image itself.


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