Summer Steam Haul

Game Sale Price Normal Price Saving
Magicka DLC £4.99 £13.22 £8.23
HOARD £2.09 £6.99 £4.90
New Vegas DLC £4.48 £14.98 £10.50
Atom Zombie Smasher £1.79 £5.99 £4.20
Universe Sandbox £3.49 £6.99 £3.50
F1: 2010 £6.79 £19.99 £13.20

Not a bad haul, just wish I hadn’t bought F1: 2010 or Universe Sandbox. The former is too easy with driving assists turned on, and nearly impossible when you switch them off. The later has no soundtrack. At all. For a universe simulator, I expected something quite ‘epic’.. Oh well 🙂

Total Spent in Sale £23.63
Total I would of spent normally £68.16
Total Saved £44.53
Saving 65.33%

Steam is awesome.

Update as of 2014-03-16: I’ve played like two of these games… >_<


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