Thoughts about PogoPlug


The PogoPlug Pro is an awesome piece of networking kit that allows you to share one or more USB storage devices across your network (and the internet if you want). Simply make an account, plug your drives in and away you go. Apparently the original Pogoplug has been discontinued and the Pro has taken its place. The only difference I am aware between the two models was the Pro featured Wifi (which I think probably isn’t the best idea for a file server…)

I have a 2tb Western Digital drive hooked up to mine, formatted as HFS+ (Journaled). I was thoroughly surprised that it worked, but it did out of the box. On the client side I’m running a MacBook Air running the latest version of Snow Leopard and my PC is running Windows 7 Professional 64bit. File access is great on both, even over wireless on the laptop. I have only really encountered a problem when I was driving to store my iTunes library on the PogoPlug and run it over the network. iTunes didn’t appreciate this idea, as awesome as it seemed to me. It would randomly lose files and whatnot, even though I could still happily browse the pogo drive. I moved iTunes back to my PC in the end.

PS3 Media Server, and Airvideo run fine when looking for their respective media stores on the Pogo (from the Windows PC). I was slightly disappointed in media stream capabilities built into the device, whilst it works, I thoroughly recommend using PS3 Media Server as you probably already are. As for having to pay $29 to upgrade to the ‘premium’ software to stream video to mobile devices? No thanks. Airvideo does all that and more for £1.99.

I’d definitely recommend the PogoPlug Pro to anyone who is serious about sharing files with multiple computers, although I haven’t had a chance to test out sharing to 3rd parties over the net so I cannot comment on that!


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