Monthly Archives: November 2011

Where did November go?

November has flown by, it’s nearly Christmas once again and I’m getting swamped by university work and games. Mainly by uni work, because I insist on not doing it when I really ought to. The ten hours of Skyrim I played were amazing, but I really need a few solid days to get into it properly. Which isn’t going to happen! I preordered Saints Row the 3rd on Onlive to get a free microconsole, which did work out pretty well seeing I got a free copy of Tropico 4 since the console was delayed. Still haven’t played Saints Row yet, though.


And I now have three lab reports to write, and three assignments due next week, and Mario Kart 7 to play on Friday (if Amazon manage to deliver it, that is).



Send to Kindle works on the new cheap kindle

The Google Chrome extension Send to Kindle works with the new £89 kindle perfectly. Install the extension, pop over to your Amazon Kindle management page and make a note of your personal email address (It’ll end in You’ll also need to add the extensions email address to your allowed senders before it’ll work (

Chrome Extension: Send to KindleKindle Management Page