Oh hai 2012

Last year went really quick. Really really quick; and it feels like I achieved nothing. I want my 2012 to be different, to be more than just scraping through my uni work during the week and going to work on the weekends.

To summarise my goals for 2012:

  1. Get onto my second university course
  2. Getting in front with my current uni work
  3. Read some Discworld books. Instead of letting them sit on my shelf
  4. Complete a few games. I’m being non-specific here, because otherwise it won’t happen. Off the top of my head, I want to complete Ocarina of Time, Pokémon Black, and a few other games I really can’t remember at the minute
  5. Update my blog at least once a week; even just to keep in touch with my goals and update my own progress with how they are going.

Other goals include to try and eat a healthier diet; cut down on the red bull I consume (lots and lots) and walk my dogs more than a few times a week.

We’ll see how this goes!


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