Podcasts that you should listen to, because I do…

And now for some recommendations for you to listen to… Here are three podcasts which I really quite like.


Weekly podcast about things you should be skeptical about. Recent episodes include The Mystery of the Mary Celeste, The Toxic Lady, and the Top 10 Worst Anti-Science websites. Short and to the point.

Chemistry in its element

Another short weekly podcast about you guessed it… chemicals! Produced by the Naked Scientists (who also do several brilliant longer weekly podcasts about science news), each episode is delivered by different people on varying elements, and substances. Once a week, five minutes long.

Stuff you should know

One of the several How Stuff Works podcasts, this one deals with things you should well.. know? A great way to kill an hour with an always interesting topic. Coffee and orgasms came up recently.

I’ll post some more recommendations later! Have fun listening to these and let me know what you think!


One thought on “Podcasts that you should listen to, because I do…

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