Logitech Bluetooth Stereo Adapter Review

I recently purchased a Logitech Bluetooth Stereo adapter to compliment my Airport Express and allow me to stream audio (podcasts!) from my Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. It’s a neat little piece of hardware that has only one button and a few audio connections on that back. That’s it.

Logitech Stereo Bluetooth Adapter

Setting up the device is simple with the provided 3.5mm to RCA jack connection. Either connect the auxiliary jack on the on the device or the red/white jacks to the appropriate connection on your speakers. In my case, I went auxiliary to red/white but from what I can tell it works whatever way you want to.

Audio quality listening to podcasts was perfectly acceptable, and listen to high quality streamed tracks on Spotify sounded good too (Video Games by Lana Del Ray sounded fine, this is currently my go to test song as well as my current favourite song)

Logitech Stereo Bluetooth Adapter

I’ve tested the unit with a Samsung Galaxy S2 running Cyanogen Mod 7.1 which worked as expected. Before I installed CyanogenMod on my phone, it had problems pairing to a set of bluetooth speakers (the Bose Sound docks) so I am not sure if this will have the same issue. If someone has tested this, I’d love to know if it works or not. Additionally I have tested with a first generation iPad (wifi model) and it worked streaming audio from the Music app as well as Youtube.

Overall for £30 this is a pretty cool gadget if you like listening to music or podcasts and own a device for which there isn’t a lot of docking systems available for. Totally worth it, as now my alarm clock from my phone is an awful lot louder and I get to keep my phone by my bed without running cables across the room.


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