My podcast

It’s been about 3 months since we recorded episode 1 of our unnamed podcast. I think I’d like to pick it up again soon. Maybe this weekend (unsurprisingly, I have university work that needs doing…) or possible mid February when I have a week off. Maybe I’ll actually get around to starting my let’s play… Who knows?

The time it’s probably going to be a monthly affair up to around an hour or two in lengths covering some of the following topics. Unscripted too.

  • Games (Specifically handheld and PC games, which are my speciality)
    • Play a game for a month, and report back on it
    • Previews / reviews if we actually buy any games on launch days
  • Hardware (I buy so much useless crap!)
  • Anime / Manga (Not by me, but possibly some of our contributors!)
  • General geek crap

I’ll post an update when we record (hopefully in the next two weeks!)


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