Why I’m not going to buy a PS Vita straight away

I was tempted to preorder a PS Vita Wifi model today, but then I remembered my early 3DS adoption issues. I had Zelda to play for months and that was it. The ambassador games eventually game, but I bought the system in March and didn’t start playing it till December when the Mario games arrived on the scene.

None of the Vita launch titles excite me greatly, and some googling revealed that I won’t be able to play my PS1 classics that I bought on the PS3 ‘at launch’ but rather an unspecific time later. Seriously, what the fuck Sony?  That would of made me purchase the system on Day 1. You have the infrastructure present, why can’t you role this out to your new flagship handheld?

Sony! If you had let me log into my PSN account and download my PS1 games I would of preordered a Vita. Sorry, but you’ve messed this one up and you’ve even had a year to one-up Nintendo with their dismal 3DS launch (which has flowered into a pretty awesome first year, by the way). I’ll just wait till Disgaea comes out in March it seems. Handily I get my student loan in early April….

Oh yeah, the Vita does Street Pass too. No wait, I meant Near Application.

“The Near application on PS Vita allows users to discover the games other PS Vita owners are playing nearby. Near also enables location-based gaming features such as gifting, where users can share and leave behind virtual items, such as costumes and treasures, at locations they have visited. “

That sounds… pretty much like the 3DS’s StreetPass, wouldn’t you say?


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