So much for posting every day.

Well that lasted for about four days. Oh well, it’s hard writing something vaguely interesting every day. I might just summarise my week for the poor souls who (don’t) read my blog.

You may of seen my post about Why I wasn’t going to preorder a PS Vita? That didn’t last very long, I’ve preordered the Wifi model since my parents are giving me some money towards it for my birthday. And Amazon are bundling an 8gb memory card and Lumines for an extra £15. It just made sense, even if I won’t be able to play my PS One Classics at launch. Who knows, maybe by the European launch I’ll be able to. Disgaea is out on the 20th of April and I would of bought it for that anyway, so again: It just made sense. Disgaea and Lumines, how could I refuse?

I managed to get hold of a copy of Tales of the Abyss this week for the retail price (rather than the inflated double retail Amazon marketplace price) and have played that through to the first boss. Having never played a Tales game before (I didn’t even look it up on Wikipedia before I dived into the game) I have stumbled across a rather funny active RPG. The battles are based on combos within a 2D plane (but you can move freely, if you want). It’s hard to explain not having played it for terribly long, but if you get a chance and you like JRPGs give it a shot.

I’ve even been playing games on steam this week. I know, right? What an (un)productive week! Turn 375/400 in a Civilization 4 game, and a few weeks into my first season in Football Manager 2011 (which I managed to pick up for 97p!). I should probably go and read some stuff for uni, but what sounds better? Civ 4 or Reactions of Benzene and Aromatic Molecules? Yeah, I thought so too.

I still feel like I should play through my backlog before I buy new games but… it doesn’t seem to work that way. Off the top of my head I really want to complete Skyrim, Saints Row the 3rd, Fallout New Vegas, and Cthulhu Saves the World (just on the PC). On other consoles the list exponentially grows. Such is life I guess? Maybe I should win the lottery and spend my days just playing computer games…

If you read this and have a 3DS please add me as a friend and leave your friend code in the comments so I can add you back and send you Swapnotes! My Friend Code is: 3609 ‒ 1116 ‒ 5585.


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