Weekends Off

It’s nice not having to go to work on a weekend, it rarely happens and I enjoy it very much when it happens. Even better when I have no uni work to do urgently, so this weekend is going to be all about relaxing (and doing fuck all).

So far, I’ve read the first Hunger Games book (syncing the further page read between the iPad and the kindle is brilliant), started to read Game of Thrones again (I put it down a few months back when stuff got hectic with uni!) and am about to start the first Dresden files book. (A wizard private investigator, or something. Sounds cool.) Back to vidya games, I’ve really gotten stuck into Pokemon Black again (I’m determined to complete it over the Easter break…) and the Secret of Monkey Island. And of course Peggle. Damn Peggle. I really want to start making headway through my massive backlog that I previously mentioned but progress is slow and I stupidly keep adding games to the list. Damn indie bundles…..

The next two days are going to be lost to games and books… but then I have to get on with writing up my second year project and finish a few essays for when I go back after Easter. At least I have next weekend off too!


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