Told you I was making an effort… :)

Went out for another ride with Laurence; just under ten miles this time! Honestly, I did have to walk up quite a few of the hills and along the overgrown footpath. My legs just aren’t ready yet… in a few weeks it will all be different!
Went a different direction completely to last time, and encountered an unmanned level crossing, a camouflaged caravan in a field (down what we thought was the footpath we wanted but wasn’t) and a locked level crossing.

The wind was pretty much against us the entire way back, but we made it eventually and then got home in time to watch the football (which I wasn’t really interested in) and firework displays on YouTube. Because I am just that awesome. I’ll keep posting an entry like this after each outing, and every fortnight or so I will update with figures and measurements etc (If only for my benefit really)

Today’s photo if of a tree stump sign and the level crossing that we passed through. Don’t worry too much, there wasn’t a train nearby.

My new bike

My new bike

My new bike

Also a handy website if Runkeeper decides to die half way through and you end up with two activities within your account… Export both tracks as GPX from the website, upload them to this site, and add a manual entry with the new merged GPX file. Amazing.


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