Week One of my plan

Didn’t end up getting a gym membership, bought a bike instead! Seems like a better investment, because a bike will last longer than six weeks! Went out last night with +Laurence Andrews for a ride, ending up going just under 8 miles (with probably 2/3 of a mile walking up damn hills…)

My new bike

I certainly enjoyed the ride, and seeing all the details on Runkeeper is quite motivational too! I’ve set a goal to ride 50 miles before the 31st of July which I think should be achievable.

In other news, I’ve lost some weight! I haven’t really been trying recently (as I mentioned previously I was still at uni and stressed etc etc) but I have cut out a fair load of crap from my diet (energy drinks, most snacks) and I’m down to 101kg (from 105kg in April!).

I’m going to continue this trend of less snacking (baked walkers crisps are pretty good, tbh!) and with the added addition of a bike I can’t wait to see how I do over the next few weeks.


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