Summer is here!

Apparently. That must be why it’s been pissing down all weekend. Anyway, I have two days off this week, and want to get some shit done!

I need to go for another ride, I didn’t go after Tuesday last week due to a combination of laziness and work.sadface So this afternoon I’ll head out for a bit, I know I should and I know I’ll feel better afterwards too. So yeah, gotta be done!

As for the Pi, I keep putting it off and need to actually set the sodding thing up already before I start getting moaned at. It shouldn’t take very long, so maybe I should get around to that too.

Gaming wise, I’m going to start Half Life this week! Maybe. Or finish Cthulhu Saves the World. Coin flip time, me thinks.

And now to see Stephen Hawkins grin when he said he lost a $100 bet about the Higgs Boson.


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