Today has been pretty productive!

I set out to achieve today, and achieve I have. I sorted out my Raspberry Pi and now it is sat on the shelf being productive as a conduit between my scanner and our computers at home. I gave up with email forwarding because it is very easy to get marked as a spammer if you set it up incorrectly, and went with standard network folders which the printer also supports. This has resulted in a very happy mother, who might stop moaning about having to scan to USB key from now on! Woo!


My new ethernet cable is secured to the skirting boards, so I no longer have to rely on wireless when I am home! Woo 2. (Boring for everyone else, I realise…)


I went out for that ride (Woo 3), albeit not a terrible long one today but that can be improved upon tomorrow. I think I need to get out of bed before 8am, and go straight away. Otherwise the day just seems to drift… and ends up being a waste of time

Time to bust out my Xbox controller and Cthulhu Saves the World!


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