Tupcast is not dead!

We haven’t forgotten about +Tupcast. Both myself and +Laurence Andrews have been pretty busy (well, I haven’t but he has!) doing our day to day stuff. Recently, we’ve been riding quite a bit and we haven’t had the time to devote to sit down and plan an episode, then get it recorded.
Episode 9 was recorded on Google Hangouts, and is unlisted on Youtube because it was terrible. I think there is a link on Laurence’s blog that I’m sure if you are that interested you can go look up because I’m not linking to it! (It was that bad).
Episode 10 therefore has to be something special. It needs decent attention; planning, sound quality, recording, and release. I want this to be the best episode yet, which means we’re going to wait a bit longer before we even attempt it.
Current topics we’re thinking about discussing in Episode 10 and future episodes include:
More Raspberry Pi
Nexus 7 Tablet
Mountain Biking / James getting healthy
Laurence’s continuing network series
* My prep for going away to uni!

If there is something you want us to talk about, please email us at feedback [at] tupcast [.] co [dot] uk or leave a comment on this post. Thanks if you’re still a subscriber! It means a lot if people are actually listening to us, it would be even better if some of you (all three of you!) got in touch! According to our stats, Episode 8 was downloaded 47 times since June 13th, and Episode 7 a total of 75 times! I don’t know how many of these downloads equate to actually listeners but it seems quite high! (Measurement data provided by Podtrac.)


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