Shit bike is shit.

Got my bike serviced yesterday, £40! That hurt bad enough. Today the chain completely came off and lodged itself in the axle of the wheel. Three times in a row. Now the chain is lovely and stretched! Got it back on (after much swearing!) and limped it home. Where I attempted to change down a gear to ride up my driveway.

Haha! There was another lovely crunching sound as the chain came off both sides. Fuck sake. It was always a shit bike. I knew that, it was cheap. It was meant to last longer than 6 weeks, though. The only thing they did on the service was change the brake cable that I fucked up a few weeks back at Bedgebury. Nothing about the chain, so I’m guessing today’s escapade might just be a summation of all the little issues put together. Boo.

Now I can’t afford to go and get it fixed again because this week or next I have to pay a £300 halls deposit for university. So much for my new riding goal. Nevermind. I should of just bought a sodding gym membership.

Anyway, rant over! I’m just going to have to go for a walk instead. And stick to my eating plans. Time to record a new episode of The Unnamed Podcast later! 🙂


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