Shit bike is no longer shit! Yayyyy.

Took the bike into the store this morning, turns out they’d miss-adjusted it when it was serviced because it apparently has a strange mechanism on it. Whatever it worked! And it was free (rightfully so, I guess!)

I know it’s fixed because I just went on a 25 mile ride with it! And it’s never felt better than it does now! I think the gears were misadjusted from the start because they used to make funky crunchy sounds whenever I changed. No more!


We rode through to Higham and onto Gravesend (via a lovely completely flat cycle path!) where we had the awesome idea to get on the ferry to Tilbury! Which was pretty cool. Not only did we see trains next to the cycle path, we got to see some pretty large ships too. (I can’t help it…) Oh and some really old technology too! Sadly no photos of the trains… I forgot my rugged camera with a neck strap like a moron.

Retro Cash Register

+Laurence Andrews about to be hit in the head by a tanker…
Laurence Andrews  about to be hit in the head by a tanker..

Runkeeper died about an hour before we finished, and I am reminded as to why I shouldn’t listen whilst using the GPS on my phone. Bam. Dead battery.

On the way out we went down a footpath that initially looked pretty cool. It was. Until we picked up some speed. And then the thorns appeared from the trees! My arm looks like it’s been mauled by an army of kittens…. That footpath was a bad idea… At least we avoided a puncture.

Anyway, I just smashed my first cycling goal to have one ride of at least 20 miles between now and the end of August and I’m 25 miles into my 75 mile goal already! Woo. Now I just need to keep it up before I head off to Wales in September.


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