Productive Day!

I’ve already done loads today, and it’s only 4pm!
1. Cancelled my Three mobile broadband (after convincing the rep that no I did not want a new laptop, and that no my friends do not wish to take over my account)
– Sent my results transcript to Bangor so they can update my application
– Took my iPad to CeX so I can get some cash for it (Nexus 7, baby!)
– Bought some clear plastic storage boxes so I can start organising the crap that I’m taking to uni
– Ate both a banana and an apple!
– Oh, and I bought Pokemon Conquest because I’m weak willed when it comes to new games. (Arghhh Pokemon BW2 and New Super Mario Bros 2 are coming out soon….. Noooooooo)

Yeah, today has been pretty awesome. I guess because I got up early (well, earlier than I normally would on a day off) and gave myself a list of goals that I was definitely going to achieve. I should do this more often, tbh. The great weather is helping too.

Even though I got OpenTTD working again, and I thought I was going to play it all day… Somehow I didn’t. I think that was the weather… it’s just not right to sit in all day when it’s like this… because it doesn’t last long!

Time for a bike ride in a bit when Dad gets home, around 10 miles tonight I think. Felt bad because I didn’t go after I got in from work yesterday but my legs just screamed “NO” at me every time I thought about going…


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