Summer is flying by

Three weeks of August have already flown by, I’m well into getting my stuff ready for Bangor (in just over a months time!) and I’m still cracking on with my getting healthy plans I’ve had for the last few months.

I started at around 105kg at the end of April and I’ve just weighed myself at 98kg. Awesome, just under half way! I honestly haven’t been trying as hard the last few weeks and I know that I really should get back on it as soon as possible.

Bangor is getting closer and closer by the day, and I swear each week is going by even quicker than the last did. I’ve finally got everything sorted: my course, halls, and a transfer for work. Now I just need to get there, and enjoy Fresher’s week (which I skipped last time.. maybe that’s why I felt I was still at college rather than at uni completing a HND… aside from still living at home, etc)

In other news, I bought yet another gadget. A blue 3DS XL, and it is amazing. I can actually play Mario Kart 7 without getting instant hand cramp. The unit just feels better. The original 3DS felt heavy for its size, but the extra bulk of the XL means the extra weight feels more natural. I haven’t tested out the battery life properly yet, but I can tell you that DS games are much easier to play than they were on the 3DS. Yes they do look a bit pixelated; but at least I can read them now.

I found GTA China Town wars pretty much unplayable but now it’s actually quite good. The Pokemon games were a tad small and blurry (I thought, anyway) even when you had them fill the screen. Heart Gold looks great on the XL’s massive screens.

If anyone actually reads this who has a 3DS leave a comment with your friend code and I’ll add you!
So yeah, 32 days to go!


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