Two more weeks

Wow, time is flying. In two short weeks I’ll almost be at Bangor and ready to move in! I am sure many adventures await, but I still need to buy stuff and actually pack it…

I found out this week that I apparently have a larger room, which is good because that means I have a larger bed, which is good because if you know me I am a bit large… That also means I have to go and return the sheets that I bought, however. Bugger. That’s why you don’t buy things early…
Honestly there isn’t much that I think I need to buy… maybe some more clothes, something to wear to the pirate party (a big torrent logo, aha ha ha…!), and some basic kitchen stuff… but I can buy them at the other end with my staff discount so I might just take the bare essentials and see how I get on and then buy what I need there.

14 days, wow. I remember starting my countdown at 60 days. Shit that’s gone fast….


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