Lack of wifi won’t stop me…

The halls I’m moving into in Bangor don’t have wifi internet access, which I guess is understandable because large scale wireless network deployments are hard to get right; especially when the target users will spend all day streaming media content over it..

Whatever, we’re allowed to plug in an unmanaged switch into our network port so not all is lost. Using a USB OTG adapter, and an Apple USB Ethernet adapter I can get my Nexus 7 online via a cable. It can sit next to my laptop and stream Netflix or whatever whilst I’m working away on laptop without getting in the way. I even bought some long Ethernet cables so I can casually use my tablet in bed…

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on the other hand doesn’t support USB Ethernet using the stock Touchwiz rom, so that’s another reason to root and flash CM10 when it gets a stable release. Apparently I’d even be able to charge at the same time if I bought an MHL adapter but I need to look into that more.


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