More thoughts on the Google Nexus 7

I’ve been using the Nexus for a few months now, and honestly I still do love it. It’s an awesome piece of kit available for less than £200, but it does have some issues.
My screen slightly lifts on the left hand side, but it’s not noticeable with the official case and doesn’t seem to affect the usage in anyway at all. I’ve got it covered on Gadget insurance, so if anything does happen it won’t be a problem to get it fixed. A bit annoying, but I can live with it!

My other main issue is that I experience some wicked slow down after general usage. I’ve read this doesn’t happen to everyone but it definitely did both to mine and to a friend of mine’s. After a few days, opening new apps would grind to crawl and the whole experience was just shit.
In a previous post I mentioned flashing AOKP, rooting the device was really simple. It’s worth doing if you’re comfortable with the process. The Nexus 7 is completely different with 3rd party roms. I haven’t experience the slowdown, and now I get the proper tablet android experience (including a horizontal homescreen!!)

Between Netflix, Spotify, Amazon Cloud MP3 Storage (a topic for another post in a few weeks…), and EZ PDF reader my nexus is well and truly ready to help me out at uni over the next 12 months.
The best thing about a £200 tablet? In a years time, there will be a new one. And I won’t feel bad buying it because it’s only £200….. If it gets lost or stolen.. well it’s not as bad as losing a £500 iPad…


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