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Student Meals on a Budget

Tonight’s dinner was cheap. Really cheap! A handful of pasta, 1/3 of a jar of Pasta bake sauce, and around 150g of frozen mince from Morrison’s. All up it probably cost less than £1 for my meal. And it was surprisingly tasty.

The mince is beef/pork and was £1.70 / kg. A kilo of pasta was like £1 from Home Bargains, and the sauce was 75p a jar.

Cook the pasta in a saucepan, whilst browning the mince in a pan. Once browned add however much sauce you want to use. 1/3 of a can worked well, but you can vary it based on your tastes. Once the pasta is cooked, drain and add to the mince/sauce.

You could add mushrooms, onions, or garlic if you want (but I had none available so…). Cook the pasta and coat with the sauce for a few minutes. Serve and add some cheese (if you’re not stingy like I am). I did add some olives I had in the cupboard though. They were pretty nice.

My posters

Enjoy! Try different pasta bake sauces for different tastes. Tiny pepperoni slices appeared in my bowl which was pretty cool….


Where did that week go?

Fresher’s week vanished rather quickly, and although I didn’t go out an awful lot (That won’t be a surprise to anyone who actually knows me…) the halls I am in are lovely, and I do actually have wifi access… I was going to join the badminton club but I was feel pretty shitty on Saturday so I skipped the taster session. Ah well, I’m going to join the gym at some point this week because it’s only £90 for the academic year, and it’s less than five minutes walk from my room! I’m sure I’ll still find an excuse not to go!

I bought some posters for my room to liven it up a bit since there were 3 for £10…

My posters

I’ve only had one 3DS Streetpass hit the entire week which is pretty sad considering I’ve carried it around for two days. I thought more students in Bangor might have a 3DS… Shame. Perhaps I should take it to the animation society meeting next Sunday where it looks like we’ll be watching Akira (Depending on which film wins the vote…) We’ve found a shop called Home Bargains which is amazing and sells Arnott’s Shapes for 29p a box. I’ve bought like 10 boxes so far…

Cheap Shapes

We made a pasta bake using food bought from this place (and three sausages we already had in the freezer) and managed to make a respectable meal for under £1.80! I have a feeling we’ll be returning many times in the future! Hmm anyway, I should really get on with some chemistry reading rather than wasting time writing this post… My room is smelling nice of fresh clean washing (although that means I have to do ironing tomorrow evening after lectures…) Washing, cooking, and cleaning takes so much time…