Where did that week go?

Fresher’s week vanished rather quickly, and although I didn’t go out an awful lot (That won’t be a surprise to anyone who actually knows me…) the halls I am in are lovely, and I do actually have wifi access… I was going to join the badminton club but I was feel pretty shitty on Saturday so I skipped the taster session. Ah well, I’m going to join the gym at some point this week because it’s only £90 for the academic year, and it’s less than five minutes walk from my room! I’m sure I’ll still find an excuse not to go!

I bought some posters for my room to liven it up a bit since there were 3 for £10…

My posters

I’ve only had one 3DS Streetpass hit the entire week which is pretty sad considering I’ve carried it around for two days. I thought more students in Bangor might have a 3DS… Shame. Perhaps I should take it to the animation society meeting next Sunday where it looks like we’ll be watching Akira (Depending on which film wins the vote…) We’ve found a shop called Home Bargains which is amazing and sells Arnott’s Shapes for 29p a box. I’ve bought like 10 boxes so far…

Cheap Shapes

We made a pasta bake using food bought from this place (and three sausages we already had in the freezer) and managed to make a respectable meal for under £1.80! I have a feeling we’ll be returning many times in the future! Hmm anyway, I should really get on with some chemistry reading rather than wasting time writing this post… My room is smelling nice of fresh clean washing (although that means I have to do ironing tomorrow evening after lectures…) Washing, cooking, and cleaning takes so much time…


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