The Emperor’s New Groove & a bit of uni life…

Each week we go to BAWLS (or Bangor Animation Watchers and Lovers Society..) to watch a film or anime show. The first few weeks we watched Akira, Spirited Away, some version of Hellsing that we watched because the My Neighbour Totoro DVD was scratched. The highlight of that particularly week was the hilarious dub.. the cockney accents weren’t the best…

Now we can’t vote directly for new films because of student union rules (the club being an SU club has to obey their rules..) so we get ‘mystery nights’ where they give us a clue and we find out what we’re watching when we turn up.

This weeks clue was ‘groovy’, and ‘if you like disney/pixar films’. I had no idea what to expect, but of course we went anyway.

We watched ‘The Emperor’s New Groove’ which was something that I’d missed when it came out in 2000. I wasn’t really sure what I was about to watch, but I enjoyed what I saw. The story was pretty cool, the soundtrack wasn’t bad, and who can’t love a talking llama?

What will we watch next week? Who knows! Maybe I’ll post about it afterwards…

BAWLS is the only university society I’ve joined so far, because my timetable doesn’t permit me to attend the gaming league sessions annoyingly… I’ll join them after Christmas when my chemistry lab sessions don’t take up my Wednesday afternoons.


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