I have nothing interesting to post.

So here’s a picture of my dogs sleeping.

Sleeping dogs

Well, I say nothing interesting? I’ve been completing a lab write up (nickel complexes, woo.), getting back into Minecraft (until I get bored and cheat, then quit), finished Professor Layton and the Curious Village (finally!), and fiddling with my new computer. Installing Ubuntu in UEFI mode when Windows is installed in legacy mode isn’t a terribly brilliant idea…. Oh, OpenTTD is back on too. Win.

Talking of Ubuntu.. I’d heard of the new Window Manager (I think? Or is it a layer over gnome? I’m too lazy to look it up now) they’re running. It’s awful. Seriously, what was that? It’s like a diabolical cross between OS X and Windows. Dock bars need to die…


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