Early Christmas Presents

Since my girlfriend and I won’t be spending Christmas together (homes being half way across the country has a way of doing this) we decided to swap gifts this weekend before she left on the Monday. Sure it means we’ll have less to open on Christmas Day… but we got to open our presents together. Here’s some (not very Christmassy) photos…

Dr Who Tshirt
A Dr Who Shirt from Teefury! She saw this on the site a month or so ago and really wanted it… Aren’t I such a nice boyfriend?

Phone Plungers
Something to keep my phone upright whilst watching stuff on Youtube. They’re pretty cool. Won’t work for the Nexus 7 though… (I tried)

S3 Case
Milly is getting a Galaxy S3 for Christmas, therefore needed a case. It had to be cute, of course…

Candy Canes
Candy Canes are a given at Christmas. Especially if they are wrapped in Mario Characters.

Newton's Cradle
Random geeky toys for the win. Something I’ve never had, but always wanted! (BTW, it knots easily so have to be careful with it…)

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock
Milly loves Hello Kitty. She also needed an alarm clock… What else would of fit that bill? Just need to find a suitable mains adapter so we don’t end up spending a small fortune on AAA batteries for it.

Hello Kitty Toy
See above for Hello Kitty love… Except now she wants the set… Whoops!

Not a lot was spent between us, which was the intention. Who can afford Christmas presents when you’re a student


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