Twenty Thirteen

I don’t make ‘New Years’ resolutions, because I never stick to them. This year I might actually try… Following on from a previous post for Tupcast about how I have so many games that I don’t play; I have decided to create a plan for 2013. That is, I’m going to complete at least 12 games in the next 12 months and the same number of books before December 31st 2013.

Games that I am planning to play currently include Skyrim, (finally getting around to) Half Life 1 and 2, Magical Starsign, and maybe a few Dragon Quest & Professor Layton games. Bookwise, I’m going to start with ‘Life of Pi’ which has been on sale for 20p for Kindle and then probably move back to the Game of Thrones series next to read a few of those. The week after Christmas I finally got around to watching the three Lord of the Rings movies back to back before going to see The Hobbit which was brilliant except the IMAX failed midway through the film rendering us listening to a radio play for a few minutes until they fixed the projector

You shall not pass

As for other life goals, I actually plan to visit the gym this semester since I’ve paid for it and never actually been. Yeah, embarrassing. I know. Studying too, lots and lots of studying this term. Exams start next week… Back to revision. I’ll be sure to keep my non existent readers updated 😉 This will likely be it for updates until exam season is over (Not that there were many updates recently anyway…)


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