Backlogs and Buying New Games….

Backlogs and Buying New Games….
Damn, I really want Persona 4 Golden… but honestly will I get time to play it? Ignoring Four in February I have so much still to play (that I do really want to get around to at some point! Backlogs are a bad thing for motivation to play games. Here are just some of my outstanding games….
Professor Layton series on DS
Dragon Quest 4/5/6 remakes on DS
Retro City Rampage on Vita
The various Grand Theft Auto games for PSP/DS/PC
Chono Trigger
The various Mario games for 3DS that are in differ stages of completion
All the Zelda games I own (between Virtual Console, DS, and 3DS.. Link’s Awakening, Minish Cap, Ocarina of Time, Tingle’s Rupee Land)
Pokemon Conquest and Super Pokemon Rumble
Animal Crossing (Although one doesn’t really ‘complete’ Animal Crossing!)
All of the Fallout games (without getting bored 4 hours in)
Just Cause 2
Cave Story and Mutant Mudds
Faster than Light
Various Paradox Strategy games (although they are apparently very time consuming)
Leisure Suit Larry series (Damn you, GOG)
Orcs Must Die
The Walking Dead
The Stalker Series
Half Life series
The various tycoon games from GOG that I have amassed.
Baldur’s Gate and the remaining D&D games (once again from GOG)

learly there is a problem here. I simply do not need any more games… I think I should aim to finish 3/5 games from my backlog before I buy new ones. So therefore I won’t be buying any more (Animal Crossing New Leaf is exempt from this clause) until I finish at least 5 games from my backlog. Four in February should see me completing two of these (Half Life and Oblivion) and we’ll see what goes on after then!

Wish me luck!


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