Pebble Watch has finally arrived!

Eleven months after I first backed the Pebble Smart Watch on Kickstarter it’s finally on my wrist. I love it already, it’s just such a slick gadget. I’m using a free app from the Play Store (Pebble Notifier) to funnel more than the default notifications from my watch to the watch. This app is pretty cool because a) it’s free! b) it lets you choose which notifications are sent.

Pebble Smart Watch

So now I get my away messages from IRC sent directly to my phone. Pretty neat? I think so too. Text messages just work, Gmail is a bit iffy if you use the standard Pebble app but with Pebble Notifier it just works well. If you enable “Google Search”, you’ll even get your Google Now cards (generally just the title as I’ve seen so far) straight to your wrist.

Since the recent release of the SDK many new watch faces (several neat Pokemon ones!), and even a few games have appeared for Pebble. Snake is pretty cool (but I read somewhere it’s known for draining the battery so I promptly uninstalled it..) You can find all these available for download at My Pebble Faces. My favourite face so far has to be “91 Dub” but it’s apparently unavailable to download now (even though I managed it this morning…?)

Pebble Smart Watch

If you have any queries leave a comment below or jump on IRC and have a chat! I’ll have a good play with it this week and post again soon with some more impressions after my first week with the watch!

One last thing… If you’re still waiting for your watch to arrive and you’re in the UK try using this Royal Mail tracker rather than the one on their front page. It gives you a load more details!


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