Monthly Archives: May 2013

Progress through the backlog!

Got around to sorting my backlog of games into Backloggery. Which was pretty depressing. I own too many games, and play too few. This summer I’ll have to change this. Little at a time I’ll work my way through. 10% of the backlog completed by 31/12/2013 sounds too high. That’s nearly 40 games in six months. I’ll go with 19 games (5%) of my current 374 game backlog. This week I’ve challenged myself to complete:

Picross E

  • Complete all the main puzzles in Picross E
  • Complete Crimson Shroud
  • Get at least 2 stars in each Grand Prix in MK7 and unlock all the coin-unlockable parts. Yeah, this isn’t really completing the game but I have a lot to get through…

I’ll report back next week on my progress and what my next mini challenge will be. With Animal Crossing: New Leaf just two short weeks away getting through as much backlog as possible before then. You might of noticed I’m tackling short games first… (Just completed Professor Layton and the Lost Future!)


Connectify’s NXDOMAIN Misdirections

I use Connectify Pro on my Windows box to share my internet connection to a wireless access point so I can access the internet on my Kindle, and 3DS. It’s simple and it allows me to play Mario Kart online so it’s great. I just didn’t expect Connectify to take over my DNS setttings and redirect me to pages filled with ads.

Connectify DNS Shenanigans

I bought a new domain today, and was presented with a page filled with ‘Related Links’. Hmm. I did some digging and found out that Connectify’s default internal DNS server returns invalid responses. Take a look the screenshots.

Fake Ad Filled Page courtesy of Connectify

Clearly doesn’t exist. Using Connectify’s DNS Resolver I get a page apparently from DomainSponsor. It’s definitely Connectify; turn Hotspot mode off, DNS resolution goes back to normal, and I get a standard page/server not available error.

Using Google’s Public DNS solves the issue as shown in the first screenshot. Amusingly, Connectify’s support pages state the following:

NXDOMAIN is a setting which causes the DNS server to automatically detect and redirect DNS  requests for nonexistant domains to a Connectify page.  This protects the user from ISP’s sending them to their own potentially fake web pages.

So instead of a scary ISP page filled with ads, you’ll just get Connectify’s instead. Nice of them to think about you, isn’t it? It’s not something you can disable directly within the Connnectify application, instead you have to open the program with specific command line switches.

An easier solution is the remove the reference to your local machine from within network settings and insert to bypass your local machine entirely. You should then be able to go back to your standard browsing experience minus dodgy nonexistent domains serving you ads. You can of course use any other DNS server that use trust if Google isn’t you thing!

Google DNS Settings