Progress through the backlog!

Got around to sorting my backlog of games into Backloggery. Which was pretty depressing. I own too many games, and play too few. This summer I’ll have to change this. Little at a time I’ll work my way through. 10% of the backlog completed by 31/12/2013 sounds too high. That’s nearly 40 games in six months. I’ll go with 19 games (5%) of my current 374 game backlog. This week I’ve challenged myself to complete:

Picross E

  • Complete all the main puzzles in Picross E
  • Complete Crimson Shroud
  • Get at least 2 stars in each Grand Prix in MK7 and unlock all the coin-unlockable parts. Yeah, this isn’t really completing the game but I have a lot to get through…

I’ll report back next week on my progress and what my next mini challenge will be. With Animal Crossing: New Leaf just two short weeks away getting through as much backlog as possible before then. You might of noticed I’m tackling short games first… (Just completed Professor Layton and the Lost Future!)


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