Animal Crossing: New Leaf – One Week Later

This has been a good week. The game I originally bought my 3DS for back in 2011 was released! Animal Crossing: New Leaf is awesome. There aren’t many other ways to describe it. In fact, in the days since release it’s now my 2nd most played game on my 3DS (Second only to AC:WW). I’ve played for 28 hours and 13 minutes at the time of writing this piece. That’s an average of four hours a day; considering I’ve been working 8 or 9 hours most days this week apparently I haven’t been sleeping much…


What’s so special? Everything! My favourite addition is the island. No more are you stuck farming fruit or turnips for bells. Just head to the island after 7PM and you can easily come home with enough beetles to sell for around 300-400,000 bells a time. At first I thought the community projects were expensive, but now I can see why they’re priced so high. 100,000 bells for a fountain? That’s fifteen minutes bug hunting on the island!

It’s also very easy to take screenshots in game now and share them online to services such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter. They also save to your SD card where you can retrieve them whenever you want.

Some highlights of my first week in Pallet:


My gaming TV! Yes, that’s a Wii Balance Board to the Right


My girlfriend came to visit, we watched a movie!


Bad camera angles… Hmm.


Sharks, sharks everywhere!


Playing Hide and Seek… She can’t see me, right?


Completing my first community project!
It’s been a fun week in Pallet but now I feel like I’ll probably slow down a bit and take my time. I do actually want to play some other games, not just New Leaf for the rest of time…. As for online multiplayer, it works really well.


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