Installing Plex on the NowTV Box

Sky has released a cut down version of the Roku LT in the form of their NowTV box which is available for £9.99. It’s a really good deal, even if you don’t want to subscribe to NowTV (which honestly is worth thinking about, £8.99 a month for more recent movies than Netflix isn’t too sad!)

Now TV Box

Anyway, you wanted to install Plex on it didn’t you? It’s not in the store on the device presumably as Sky would rather you signed up to their service but fear not you can still install it with minimal fuss!
To get started, you need to enabled the hidden development mode. Grab the remote and press the following buttons:

Home, Home, Home, Up, Up, Right, Left, Right, Left, Right

Once this is done, you’ll need to write the IP address of your NowTV box. If you click through the screen without noting it down, go into the Settings menu and find it out in there. I’m using a modified version of Plex called RARflix, which you can find here. Simply download the lastest non test NOWTV sideload zip to your computer and go to the next step.

NowTV Dev Screen

Once again on your PC, open your favourite web browser and navigate to http://nowtvipaddresshere. Once here, click Choose file and navigate to the zip file you previously downloaded.
Click install, and the channel will upload to your NOWTV box. You should see something like the following on your TV screen if all is well.


It should now connect to your Plex server as normal.

Happy Plexing!


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