Pebble Steel

Pebble’s announced a new watch, well, not really a new watch but a stainless steel version of their smart watch and it looks amazing! Priced at US$250 Pebble looks like it grew up, finished university and got a job…

Pebble Steel Smart Watch

Now, there’s nothing wrong with the current Pebble by any means. I use my Kickstarter edition Pebble almost daily between university and my part time job. I charge it about once a week (and usually have a weekly panic that I can’t find the cable) and it has to be one of my favourite gadgets of the last few years.

However, the plastic finish scratches really easily during day to day life. I have a GadgetWrap and screen protector on mine, but that doesn’t really help Pebble’s image with people. “Your watch has a screen protector?!” I hear fairly regularly. The glass screen on the Pebble Steel goes a long way to helping the image. Additionally, it looks like a watch you could easily buy at your favourite department store which is a nice bonus. I don’t think that the extra $100 is excessive at all, perhaps some people should go watch shopping to compare prices? It’s nice that they haven’t messed with the internals of the new Steel watch meaning that developers of applications for the watch aren’t going to be split between ‘old’ and ‘new’. Oh yeah, Pebble is finally getting around the launching their promised App store this month! Yipee!

For people moaning about the price, go buy a Galaxy Gear (for between £200-£300 based on my quick google search) and look forward to charging it nightly, taking pervy photos with the tiny camera in the strap, and hoping that you have one of the few phones that it interacts with.

Pebble Steel Smart Watch

I’ll take my Pebble any day. I don’t need to answer calls on my watch. Most days I have my stereo bluetooth headset on for music anyway, and it can take calls (when I rarely receive one that isn’t about PPI). Nor do I need to take photos from my wrist (as much as my girlfriend disagrees with this point), or a colour screen to see the time or my notifications. Not being able to change the strap isn’t exactly a good thing, either.

For me, my pebble is a way of getting notifications from my pocket to my wrist when I can’t get my phone out for whatever reason. That, and I like gadgets so I never really needed a justification for backing the Kickstarter campaign in the first place back in 2012!

I still think Pebble has a long way to go but they are definitely on the right road. This should be an interesting and exciting product category to watch throughout 2014! What will Samsung do with the Gear? Are Apple about the release their revolutionary iWatch?


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