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Three years of 3DS!

Nintendo 3DS

3ds The 3DS is three this year, now if you’re in Japan and next month everywhere else. Inspired by a post on Reddit, I thought I would take a look back at my 3DS’s Activity Log (which is something every gaming system ought to have!) Here we go:


I bought my system just before the price drop so I got the Ambassador games. Still, it was a pretty bleak year for the 3DS. I was still playing DS games on the DSi XL I had at the time though, so that stats are probably a bit lower than they ought to be.

Total Playtime: 30:58

Total Steps: 60318

Titles: 36

Average / Title: 51 minutes

Mario Kart 7: 5:15

Ocarina of Time: 3:13

eShop: 3:03


I completed a load of Professor Layton games this year, as well as both Generation V Pokemon games. Apparently I didn’t play much else, or what I did play for long with that poor average per game. I played some Mario games and realised I’m crap at platformers so I never got around to completing them, and various eShop titles. This was also the year that I took my 3DS to college every day as seen by the massive increase in steps throughout the year!

Total Playtime: 166:34

Total Steps: 591159

Titles: 73

Average / Title: 02:16

Pokémon Black 2: 20:03

Pokémon Black: 17:49

Streetpass Plaza: 10:54


Aha, finally! Games are coming! I went from playing3 hours a week to over 7! This year mainly saw Animal Crossing (which was the main reason I bought a 3DS in the first place, I knew AC would arrive eventually!) and of course Pokémon Gen 6.

Total Playtime: 381:06

Total Steps: 430339

Titles: 57

Average / Title: 06:41

Animal Crossing New Leaf: 143:48

Pokémon X: 43:51

Animal Crossing Wild World: 35:34


So far this year, I’ve just played Pokémon and Animal Crossing. Hmm. I have so many other great titles to play: MH3, Link Between Worlds, the various Level 5 Guild games from the eShop, Phoenix Wright (that I only bought as it was on sale) among many many others. I wonder what I’ll get around to completing this year!

Total Playtime: 104:44

Total Steps: 30674

Titles: 31

Average / Title: 03:22

Pokémon X: 42:43

Animal Crossing New Leaf: 25:23

Pokémon Black 2: 7:39

Activity Log Graph


Gaming Update

So, I said I was going to play Leviathan Warships, Link’s Awakening, Half Life, and GTA 5. So far I’ve played Link’s Awakening and Pokémon; I blame Pokémon Bank being released in Europe this morning.It’s made me restart my Heart Gold save to obtain the various legendaries found within it’s world of Kanto and Johto. And I’m loving it! I forgot how much I adored the Generation II remakes! It might be because I have vivid memories of playing Silver as a child. I’m not sure, but HGSS are probably my favourite Pokémon games out of the entire series.

Speaking of Bank and Transporter- whilst they work, they aren’t exactly seamless or fun to use. Transporter is a separate app used to transfer Pokémon from Box 1 of your generation 5 game (and only from Box 1, there is no choice here) and place it into the Transport box. Then you have to close Transporter, swap your cartridge out for X or Y and open Bank, not forgetting to swap the cartridge before you start bank, or else you’ll have to exit Bank to get it to recognize the cartridge. Now you can move the transported Pokémon either into permanent storage on the cloud or save them onto your copy of X or Y.

As for Four in February GTA:V is definitely out. I should get some time to play Half Life and Leviathan Warships this week or next, but I’m probably going to get sidetracked by Heart Gold and Monster Hunter 3 in the mean time… I shouldn’t commit myself to play specific games, should I?