Kirby and the Third Street Saints

I’m still working through my backlog! Slowly now that uni is back on, but still a few hours a week helps massively. In September (I realise its almost November as I type this, shh) I completed Saint’s Row the Third after reinstalling it to see if it’d finally work on my PC. It did! So I continued where I left off in January 2012 and completed the story.


What a blast. (Upon reading back after drafting this, that pun wasn’t intended. Honestly!) It reminded me a lot of GTA of years gone by. I didn’t really like GTA V that much prefering Grand Theft Auto of my childhood like GTA 3 and Vice City. (Never did play San Andreas much! I will one day)

The story is a pretty typical crime drama. Gang takes over town. Gang threatened by city. Go! Shoot people, get shot, steal things, escort hookers back to their pimps, shoot pedestrians from you manapult, play in a gameshow like Takeshi’s Castle crossed with Total Wipeout.


Ethical Reality Climax

Except there are guns. I’m pretty glad I completed it. I’ll have to go back and tidy up some of the side story lines completely, but at least I completed the main story start to finish!


Kirby’s Dream Land cover art

Changing pace completely, I got around to beating Kirby’s Dream Land on 3DS Virtual Console. It’s a bit of a special game for me, as I’m 99% sure it was the first gameboy game that I ever played alongside Super Mario Land. I think it took me an hour. I wish I’d done it years ago. Anyway, it inspired me to buy Kirby Triple Deluxe which is fun so far. I’ll probably beat it this month or next.

Currently I’m playing through Disgaea 3 on the PS3 and Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. I’ll probably play a ton more Fantasy life this month too.


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