Graduation has finally been and gone. I don’t know what I want to do with myself now, but I know that it will have nothing to do with chemistry. Everyone’s asked me ‘What are you doing next?’ and honestly I have no idea. I gained a degree, over three stone in weight and absolutely no direction for my future. I need direction and some healthy living!

Uni was a fantastic experience; I met loads of really cool people along the way. I can see myself still being great friends with more than a few in years to come, but I don’t think university is for everyone and if I could choose to do the last three years over I’m not entirely sure I’d do it again.

Being bad at exams meant GCSEs and (what I completed of) AS Levels at school were a struggle, but I got through them. I left school to go to college to study for a National Diploma in Applied Science and it was ace since exams weren’t a thing I had to content with any more.

I carried on to do a HND in Applied Chemistry and got a merit. It was awesome, and no exams meant that whilst I had to understand the content I didn’t have to cram it all into my brain to splurge back out onto an exam paper. Going to ‘proper’ uni in 2012 was a major wake up call. I struggled massively in exams, and even had to retake a year because whilst I passed my dissertation relatively well, I’d completely fucked up my exams. Everyone else around me had always done well in exams, and I just didn’t get them. I’d not done an exam in nearly five years and just didn’t know how to revise and study for one.

I still don’t really.

Anyway, if anyone ever reads this I’d say think long and hard about whether a degree is right for you. If you’re shit at exams like me then it’ll be a massive uphill struggle. I don’t really know if my degree is going to be of any use to me ever other than to say “I have a degree”. I certainly don’t like chemistry like I did five years ago.

Going forward, I’ve started self studying for a CCNA qualification (on the advice of a close friend) which is something I’m actually interested in and have been for a long time. Looking back, maybe this should of been my path a couple of years back. Ah well, I’m still young 🙂


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