How I Learnt To Stop Buying Games

I know I’ve bought a lot of games since I got my Steam account way back in 2009. I didn’t realise just how stupid it had gotten though.

This is a screenshot of my Backloggery (a service for tracking game completion!), maybe one day I will finish all these…


I have decided my Backloggery is only going to have console games (handheld included) and Steam games I have played to completion as I honestly have no intention of playing the vast majority of them.

I removed my Steam games, but have re-added them back under the ‘null’ status so they do not affect the stats. Honestly, most of these games were bought for dirt cheap in sales and there is probably only 25-30 I actually want to complete (HL series, Fallout/Elder Scrolls, etc)

If you take the 204 games above, and played them for a conservation 15 hours each then you have 127.5 days worth of games.

To put it another way, if I managed to play around 10 hours a week they would take ridiculous 306 weeks to finish…

So… No More Games!! Or, being realistic: I need to complete 10 to buy one new 1, and I need to focus on the shorter games in my collection.

Recently I finished the story in GTA V (which was amazing), completed Return to Popolocrois: A Story of Season Fairy Tale (which I recommend if you like JRPGs) and I am currently playing Pokemon Yellow (going for a complete dex might take a while though…).

Trying to focus on one game at a time seems to be speeding up my progress. I will probably be moving on to the games I’ve nearly completed next: Luigi’s Mansion 2 & Kirby Triple Deluxe. I think I am going to focus on one ‘smaller’ game (like Picross or a 2D Mario game) and one ‘larger’ game like Skyrim or Xenoblade at a time so I don’t get bored of any single game at once.

Wish me luck! Hopefully by 2017 I will have a completion rate on backloggery of over 30% (62 games!!)


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