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Raspberry Pi Spotify Jukebox


To create a simple to use office based music jukebox that everyone can use and no-one can take overall control of.

It needs to be clear, simple, and intuitive. It should be reliable, and not require manual intervention.


  • Raspberry Pi (I used a 3, probably could have used an older model)
  • Speaker with aux-in (Could use Bluetooth, but to keep things simple I didn’t)
  • Aux cable


  • Raspbian Lite
  • Mopidy
  • Spotmop Plugin
  • Spotify Premium Account


Start by installing your Linux distrubtion of choice on your Pi, I used [distro here].

Head over to the Mopidy project page, and have a read through their Raspi Jessie instructions. You will need the Spotify plugin and the Last.Fm plugin if you wish to have a record of all the music you play. You may still need to manually fix the scrobbler, but it looks like this is getting fixed soon.


  • Pi Auxilary Audio Out is terrible. I should probably spend more time figuring out bluetooth since the speaker we use supports it. Alternatively, you could use a HDMI to 3.5mm adapter which apparently will give you better sound. Or you could use a USB Sound card.
  • Need to figure out how to save the volume level as the default so on a reboot I do not need to SSH in and reset the volume [command line snippet here next time I go to the office]

Why did I wait so long to play Uncharted?

I had a PS3 for years, and never played Uncharted.


I got a PS4 in November. It came with the Uncharted collection. I still didn’t play it.

Finally.. after much prodding from a work colleague I put the disk in and got stuck in. Holy crap! What an amazing game! I’ve only played Drake’s Fortune but wow. Just wow.

The whole game is paced spectacularly; I never had a dull moment; the difficulty curve was great (the mutants can go fuck themselves!!); and the story was neither too long (Looking at you: Every JRPG ever) or too short.

10/10 – Best game I’ve played so far this year. If you have a PS4 and you haven’t got it… Go buy it right now.

I’m going to leave 2 & 3 for a while whilst I catch up some of other games.. Maybe Fallout 4, or something portable like Fire Emblem. Whatever takes my fancy.