+7 Days

So, my first week didn’t start off that great. I ate pretty well for a few days  (Vegetarian feta and squash tart was something on the menu I wouldn’t have otherwise tried!) then I got busy and everything went to shit. I have plans to balance this and prevent it from happening again.


I have joined the gym! Again! (after cancelling about 3 months ago due to lack of time). This time I’ve paid upfront for a year… Motivation to go. Maybe. We’ll see! It’s not going to be that easy with me travelling around most weeks but I am going to try and go AT LEAST two days a week and more when I am at home.

We have also started bulk cooking this week! A curry, and a scrumptious chilli. We made about 8 portions of each, so we’re ready for ‘I can’t be arsed to cook, let’s get a take away…’

We added chickpeas, spinach and butternut squash to the curry, and it was both filling and tasty. I even think it could go without the chicken if you fancied it with no meat. Who really wants no meat though?

Screen Shot 2016-11-19 at 14.16.57.png

The home made curry paste in preparation

The chilli was another BBC Good Food recipe, but doubled up. It was amazing on a baked potato, and I am really looking forward to it when we next have it!


Chilli on baked potato with some cheese

Also this week we stayed in London on Thursday night to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ which was really good. If you like Harry Potter at all, definitely see this film. It’s basically what you want from a grittier more grown up version of the HP universe. Looking forward to the second one!

Some photos from London to finish…


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