Removing Duplicate Scrobbles on

So, my account/spotify went mental last week and logged a single song 1000 times in a row. Since is currently in the throes of dying and removing every last useful feature from their site, I was wondering how I could fix this.

Well, sk22 on Github has provided a handy piece of javascript that works perfectly. Simply navigate to the page and enter the script into your address bar (or add it to a bookmark on the bookmark bar) and enjoy your duplicate free library!

Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 20.29.16

Add to your bookmark bar for easy one click reduplication!


4 thoughts on “Removing Duplicate Scrobbles on

  1. hotonehundo

    This worked surprisingly well, thanks for posting about it. I guess the only thing that I saw that was an issue was that it deleted songs if they were next to each other, without looking at the timestamp. If I listen to “MMMBop” 17 times in a row, I don’t want 16 scrobbles of that song to be deleted with this tool. Is there anyway that it can be adjusted to account for this and only delete duplicates with the same timestamp?

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  3. Terrence Gil Villafuerte

    Thank you for this! One of my songs scrobbled 200 times! I dreaded having to delete them one by one. This script is a lifesaver.


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