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Busy busy busy!

So, I managed to avoid blogging at all in September (and half of October!). It’s been fairly hectic recently, work filled up my spare time in September and now I’m back at uni full time too!

I’ve been working towards completing some games, and contemplating the future of my various projects including Tupcast. Currently, you might of noticed that Tupcast is in hibernation. We don’t have time to record between us, let along write up simple blog posts. We’ll see how that goes over the next few months.

I’m hoping the next episode might be released mid September when Laurence comes to Bangor once again. The last time we recorded was when he came to Bangor… Until that point, I guess Tupcast is going to continue in a state of suspended animation.

Meanwhile I have started my third year project, and am getting back into studying whilst Pokemon X&Y, and GTA V among other epic games have been released. I don’t have enough spare time.

I have some Tupcast posts planned, but Pokemon is calling me… Maybe I should just be studying instead? 😉

Until next time!


Reichel Halls, Bangor University

I was going through my photos from uni that I took last year, and realised that people looking into accomodation at Bangor University might like to take a look at some of my photos of the inside of my halls. So here goes!

Reichal Halls
Outside of Reichel. To the right of this photo is the rest of the halls site.

My room looking quite sad.
My room looking quite sad.

I was in a large room looking into the courtyard. Mind you, you’ll mainly be looking into other peoples windows and the roof of the conference centre. These rooms are much bigger than any of the new building at the expense of not having your own bathroom. I was quite jealous of those with mountain views.

For me, paying an extra £17 a week for a bathroom didn’t sound exciting. The prices have all gone up, so I don’t know what the difference is for this year. Reichel isn’t like the other halls, it’s laid out a bit like a hotel along long corridors of rooms. Again, I didn’t miss not having flats that much.

The kitchens vary wildly depending on where you get located. My kitchen was one of the smallest with 5/6 people in it. The big kitchens (on the corners) are much larger and have 8-10 people in them I think. Our kitchen had too many people, so I had to share a cupboard. More photos?

You can't see them in this photo, but the mountains look great with snow on them!
You can’t see them in this photo, but the mountains look great with snow on them!

The Fridge
The Fridge

Nothing too fancy. Reichel seems to have some of the newer appliances on site which is nice. Wifi has recently been installed into the halls and whilst it wasn’t switched on when I left in June it is now! (I’m back for resits and staying in Adda.)

You’ll get a proper key for your room in Reichel and a code to get through the front door. No fancy smart cards for us! Also handy as your room won’t lock itself when you pop out for two minutes without your key. I recall it costing something like a tenner to security if you get locked out from your room and need them to let you in.

One of the downsides of Reichel is that it’s slightly further than the rest of the halls from the university buildings (not that far really, but you’ll notice it when it is tipping it down!). Other than that, the reduced cost makes it a great place to live (If you can go without the en-suite… which you most likely can!).

The sports centre is a two minute walk away and it costs something like £90 for a 9 month academic membership. Don’t bother. I never went even though it was so close. If you’re moving in to halls in September and you run Linux on your PC be sure to check out my post about how to authenticate with the network so you can access the internet to ‘study’!

Time to finish off this post with some more photos. If you have any questions, feel free to tweet me @geekyjames or post a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you!

Bangor Pier
Bangor Pier

The view from the Pier
The view from the Pier

The view from Menai Bridge towards Bangor Pier
The view from Menai Bridge towards Bangor Pier

Looking out for the Chem Tower Toilets
Looking out for the Chem Tower Toilets

Early Christmas Presents

Since my girlfriend and I won’t be spending Christmas together (homes being half way across the country has a way of doing this) we decided to swap gifts this weekend before she left on the Monday. Sure it means we’ll have less to open on Christmas Day… but we got to open our presents together. Here’s some (not very Christmassy) photos…

Dr Who Tshirt
A Dr Who Shirt from Teefury! She saw this on the site a month or so ago and really wanted it… Aren’t I such a nice boyfriend?

Phone Plungers
Something to keep my phone upright whilst watching stuff on Youtube. They’re pretty cool. Won’t work for the Nexus 7 though… (I tried)

S3 Case
Milly is getting a Galaxy S3 for Christmas, therefore needed a case. It had to be cute, of course…

Candy Canes
Candy Canes are a given at Christmas. Especially if they are wrapped in Mario Characters.

Newton's Cradle
Random geeky toys for the win. Something I’ve never had, but always wanted! (BTW, it knots easily so have to be careful with it…)

Hello Kitty Alarm Clock
Milly loves Hello Kitty. She also needed an alarm clock… What else would of fit that bill? Just need to find a suitable mains adapter so we don’t end up spending a small fortune on AAA batteries for it.

Hello Kitty Toy
See above for Hello Kitty love… Except now she wants the set… Whoops!

Not a lot was spent between us, which was the intention. Who can afford Christmas presents when you’re a student

Been lazy lately, but some good news too!

I’ve slacked off the last week or so since I broke (and have now fixed) my bike, and now that the weather is awesome (and I have the day off work!) now is a great time to get back on the bike (and do some other exercises too).

In other news, I passed my HND with a Merit grade which means I got what I needed to get into the second year at Bangor! Woot! Although it is pretty scary, as I’ll be going in around 8 (short) weeks! This gives more urgency to my getting healthy plans!

I’ve lost around 5kg so far and to be honest haven’t exactly been trying. I looked at the scales this morning and saw 100.0kg which was honestly amazing. This was my first major goal, having started this journey at 104.9kg back in mid April. I completed that 50miles on the bike, in the first two weeks of July and now I’m going to set another 50 mile goal for the next four weeks. It should be achievable, seeing as I generally have three days a week off! 3 times ~8-10 mile ride = ~25-30 miles a week! I want to do it, and I intend to. I really do.

I’m going to start the 100/200 Situp/Crunch/Pushup programs which I’ve been putting off for a while now. I bought the exercise mat which is gathering dust, so therefore I ought to make the effort and give them a go. Some people say they don’t help but since I don’t have access to a gym they will have to do.

Oh, welcome to my office for today…

My Office