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Weekends Off

It’s nice not having to go to work on a weekend, it rarely happens and I enjoy it very much when it happens. Even better when I have no uni work to do urgently, so this weekend is going to be all about relaxing (and doing fuck all).

So far, I’ve read the first Hunger Games book (syncing the further page read between the iPad and the kindle is brilliant), started to read Game of Thrones again (I put it down a few months back when stuff got hectic with uni!) and am about to start the first Dresden files book. (A wizard private investigator, or something. Sounds cool.) Back to vidya games, I’ve really gotten stuck into Pokemon Black again (I’m determined to complete it over the Easter break…) and the Secret of Monkey Island. And of course Peggle. Damn Peggle. I really want to start making headway through my massive backlog that I previously mentioned but progress is slow and I stupidly keep adding games to the list. Damn indie bundles…..

The next two days are going to be lost to games and books… but then I have to get on with writing up my second year project and finish a few essays for when I go back after Easter. At least I have next weekend off too!


What I’m reading (like you care!)

Currently I’m midway through A Game of Thrones (which I’m finding far more enjoyable than the TV series which I stopped at episode 4! I’m nearly at where I stopped watching, so it’ll be interesting to see if it can hold my interest in the next few chapters [I’m sure it it]) and I’ve just started Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson as it was delivered this morning.

Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

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The introduction was pretty sad, Steve asked him to write his biography back in 2004 (it turns out soon after he was diagnosed with cancer before it was made public) and Isaacson replied along the lines of “maybe in twenty years when you’ve retired, you have lots more to give”. It took a few years for Isaacson to get started, and now Jobs has sadly passed away the biography has been released. It’s certainly going to be interesting read. There is also an hour long interview with the author which you can find here.

Other things I’m up to include cross-stitching, rearranging my room, installing linux, and pretty much anything to avoid my uni work.

My gaming backlog

I seem to have a problem. I keep buying games (, books and movies are also included) and then never get around to playing them. I should really have more self control; I even made a list of what games to play by when back over the Summer. Let’s see how that went…

Out of all of those games, I’ve only completed Portal 2. I haven’t even played most of the rest of them at all. I played about three hours of Pokemon Soul Silver, and about an hour of Ocarina of Time, but that’s been about it. Games are just not as enjoyable anymore I guess?

The moral here is not to make gaming into a chore, play when you feel like, and not when you don’t.

Don’t make a list, you probably won’t stick to it and then you’ll end up writing a blog post similar to this one! That being said, I would quite like to complete at least one or two of these before Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 pop through my door in the next few months! Let’s go with Soul Silver (since I only have to beat the Elite 4) and Ocarina of Time 3D (because my 3DS is criminally underused. On the not so portable side, I really want to get into Cthulhu Saves the World again, and possibly Disgaea 3. But it’s not going to happen.

It’s been a while!

No blog posts for three months. Wow. Well I kept updating my tumblr because that required no thought process. Just reblog, or occasionally post a picture I found on Reddit!

However, since I’ve now passed my first year at university I have all the time in the world at my hands! And boy is it a weird feeling. What should I do? Game? But what game?! Read? Which book? Cross-stitch? I’d rather not right now… Argh…

Hopefully this blog will help me to focus my creative energies and avoid procrastinating the summer away. That’s the idea anyway.

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What I’m Reading This Month: Zombies

This month I’ve been reading Zombie: An Anthology of the Undead (edited by Christopher Golden). So far, both are recommended. If you like Max Brooks’ zombie books (World War Z and the Zombie Survival Guide) then you’ll most likely love the variety of short stories found in the anthology, including one by Max Brooks himself but I haven’t gotten that far yet. Hopefully I’ll get enough time to finish it this month.

Just a quick note, it seems that it has been released under the alternate title of The New Dead with identical content (and a missing Kindle edition)