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Getting back into Python

I had a realisation this week that I should spend more time outside of work doing things to improve myself. I’m on track with my diet (mostly), I’m trying to cut back on sugars and (especially) sweeteners, so why not do something that stretches my brains in the evenings.


I have enough games in my backlog that I could probably play every game to completion and still not beat them all before I retire so that’s kind of low priority, I just need to stop buying new fucking games. Hmm. Looking at you, Lumines Remastered. And N++. And Smash Bros.  And the stupid fucking Snes Mini sat on my desk.

Anyway, I was pretty nifty with Python about ten years ago so why not jump back in. I vaguely remember working on an IRC bot for the channel I used to mod back in the day!

I found this list of mini projects which I am going to work through and blog about as I get through them.

  1. Dice Rolling Sim
  2. Guess the Number
  3. Mad Libs
  4. Text Adventure Game
  5. Hangman

I spent an evening this week setting up a Linux virtual machine to keep my environment consistent no matter what computer I am using (VirtualBox + Ubuntu 18.04) and revived my old BitBucket account (because I like the ability to set a repository to private) then spent an evening learning Git whilst cobbling together two versions of the dice sim. I’ll make a separate post about that soon.



Why do I get so many Gmail emails to my google account that aren’t for me?

So, I have had firstname.lastname@gmail.com for many years. Maybe as early as 2004 or 2005, I can’t remember. For the last few I’ve been receiving random emails addressed to my address but aren’t for me.

There’s some from a college in the US, a guy in Western Australia and someone in Essex who routinely give my email address when asked for theirs. The college let me log in and see the guys address, and someone sent the guy in the UK bank details in plain text. Overall, it’s more amusing that annoying but it can get frustrating. Today I received emails from Sprint eBilling and a random UK webhost thanking me for my business.

This week, I think I solved it. I think that Google’s regional email domains for Gmail aren’t equivalent from what I can tell, so firstname.lastname@gmail.com isn’t the same as firstname.lastname@gmail.com.au or firstname.lastname@gmail.co.uk. Doesn’t explain the guy in the US, but it fits pretty well. I should probably email those accounts and see if I can get a response. I’m not sure how this works with @googlemail.co.uk etc that was in use in the UK for a few years.

Not nearly as bad as the guy in Canada who used one of my domains as his administration contact within the whois for many of his domains. The amount of emails I received from GoDaddy was insane.