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What I’ve been playing – Level 3

Since February I played mostly games on my Switch…

  • Oxenfree. It’s a short 5 hour point and click adventure, highly recommend it. The story was amazing, don’t go looking for spoilers! If you haven’t played it, go and play it now.

  • I started playing Ocarina of Time (again, didn’t finish) . Maybe I’ll try again later in the year.

  • Almost finished Mario+Rabbids. Need to go back and finish that off at some point.

  • Play a little bit of N++ every day. There’s 4000 levels, it’s gonna take a while. 4 hours, 0.048% complete, 1029 deaths… yeah the tweet has a typo. oh well! I quite like how bite sized it is.

  • Played quite a lot of Powgi Wordsearch with Milly. This is a surprisingly fun co-op game. Who knew how angry you get when someone finds the word you’ve set your heart on finding….


  • Played a bit of Rocket League but didn’t get into it fully. Maybe with the next update.

  • Tried to get into Pokemon Ultra Moon. Shit, that’s a slow game. Let’s hope that the new Switch pokemon games aren’t this slow. I think I got to the second island before becoming bored out of my mind.

I am currently deep into Disgaea 5. I think I’m a healthy way into the story, but I keep distracting myself with the Item World. It’s pretty much one of my favourite games ever. Between that, and N++ I’ve not been playing much else.

My Hitlist for the next few months. Pretty heavily 3DS biased, because it’s gathering dust and I have a ton of 3DS stuff I’ve not got to yet! Expect the next gaming update in September.

  • Dragon Quest Builders (NS)
  • Retro City Rampage (NS)
  • Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy (3DS)
  • Zelda Picross (3DS)
  • Pullblox (3DS)
  • Mario Tennis Open (3DS)
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 (3DS)

Fire Emblem & Pokemon Snap

What does Fire Emblem Fates: Birthright & Pokémon Snap have in common? I completed them both last week!


Two more games off the backlog! The girlfriend and I played Pokemon Snap to the credits in one sitting, and I completed FE Fates Birthright on super easy n00b mode.

Whatever… I am not ashamed, I was totally just playing for the story! Plus, I don’t have time for long-ass RPGs any more. So, having a way to breeze through the story was nice. Maybe one day I’ll go back and play Conquest & Revelations. Probably not though… A snippet of my RPG backlog includes highlights such as Dragon Quest 7, several Final Fantasy Tactics games, several Disgaea games, Skyrim, Morrowind, Witcher 3… you get the idea….

I enjoyed playing Fates on super-scrub mode, but I won’t be going back any time soon.

Pokemon Snap title screen

Pokémon Snap was an awesome game. I genuinely don’t know why we didn’t play it sooner. We got to the credits in about 4 hours and caught about 95% of the Pokémon in the game. Thoughts include: ‘WHY HASN’T NINTENDO MADE POKEMON SNAP 2!!!!!!’, and ‘FUCK YOU OAK! THAT PHOTO WAS AMAZING’. Great game!

I also discovered that two players can use different controllers but still control player 1 on the WiiU Virtual Console. This meant the gf could have the gamepad and I had a pro controller, and we didn’t need to keep passing the controller. Something small, but pretty neat.

Pok-IV-Note IV Tracker for Breeding

If you’re trying to keep track of the IVs of the Pokémon you’re breeding then try out this amazingly simple web app. Designed for phones and tablets, but it works alright on a laptop or PC too.


If you need reminding the symbols relate to: HP, Attack, Defence, Speed, Special Attack, Special Defence. So if the IV Checker in Kiloude City tells you that the best stats are Attack, Speed and Special Defense (‘They can’t be beat’) then mark the triangle, heart, and diamond. These marking show on the status screen of each pokemon and allows you to quickly sort through the many monsters that you’ve bred.

Gaming Update

So, I said I was going to play Leviathan Warships, Link’s Awakening, Half Life, and GTA 5. So far I’ve played Link’s Awakening and Pokémon; I blame Pokémon Bank being released in Europe this morning.It’s made me restart my Heart Gold save to obtain the various legendaries found within it’s world of Kanto and Johto. And I’m loving it! I forgot how much I adored the Generation II remakes! It might be because I have vivid memories of playing Silver as a child. I’m not sure, but HGSS are probably my favourite Pokémon games out of the entire series.

Speaking of Bank and Transporter- whilst they work, they aren’t exactly seamless or fun to use. Transporter is a separate app used to transfer Pokémon from Box 1 of your generation 5 game (and only from Box 1, there is no choice here) and place it into the Transport box. Then you have to close Transporter, swap your cartridge out for X or Y and open Bank, not forgetting to swap the cartridge before you start bank, or else you’ll have to exit Bank to get it to recognize the cartridge. Now you can move the transported Pokémon either into permanent storage on the cloud or save them onto your copy of X or Y.

As for Four in February GTA:V is definitely out. I should get some time to play Half Life and Leviathan Warships this week or next, but I’m probably going to get sidetracked by Heart Gold and Monster Hunter 3 in the mean time… I shouldn’t commit myself to play specific games, should I?

Four in February Progress 2/4 and some great news…

I am now the champion in Pokemon Black 2! That means that I am 50% of the way through my challenge whilst being 57% of the way through February. There’s a high chance I might actually do this!

Four in Feb Progress

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion might be an issue because I am likely to get sidetracked… We’ll see…. In other awesome news; Animal Crossing New Leaf has a release date for Europe! June 14th! Can’t say I’m not just a bit excited… But so is Amelia! It’s after uni finishes too which means I won’t play it instead of revising… Not that I would ever do that….

Weekends Off

It’s nice not having to go to work on a weekend, it rarely happens and I enjoy it very much when it happens. Even better when I have no uni work to do urgently, so this weekend is going to be all about relaxing (and doing fuck all).

So far, I’ve read the first Hunger Games book (syncing the further page read between the iPad and the kindle is brilliant), started to read Game of Thrones again (I put it down a few months back when stuff got hectic with uni!) and am about to start the first Dresden files book. (A wizard private investigator, or something. Sounds cool.) Back to vidya games, I’ve really gotten stuck into Pokemon Black again (I’m determined to complete it over the Easter break…) and the Secret of Monkey Island. And of course Peggle. Damn Peggle. I really want to start making headway through my massive backlog that I previously mentioned but progress is slow and I stupidly keep adding games to the list. Damn indie bundles…..

The next two days are going to be lost to games and books… but then I have to get on with writing up my second year project and finish a few essays for when I go back after Easter. At least I have next weekend off too!

My gaming backlog

I seem to have a problem. I keep buying games (, books and movies are also included) and then never get around to playing them. I should really have more self control; I even made a list of what games to play by when back over the Summer. Let’s see how that went…

Out of all of those games, I’ve only completed Portal 2. I haven’t even played most of the rest of them at all. I played about three hours of Pokemon Soul Silver, and about an hour of Ocarina of Time, but that’s been about it. Games are just not as enjoyable anymore I guess?

The moral here is not to make gaming into a chore, play when you feel like, and not when you don’t.

Don’t make a list, you probably won’t stick to it and then you’ll end up writing a blog post similar to this one! That being said, I would quite like to complete at least one or two of these before Super Mario 3D Land, and Mario Kart 7 pop through my door in the next few months! Let’s go with Soul Silver (since I only have to beat the Elite 4) and Ocarina of Time 3D (because my 3DS is criminally underused. On the not so portable side, I really want to get into Cthulhu Saves the World again, and possibly Disgaea 3. But it’s not going to happen.

Let’s play!

I’ve decided to try my hand at producing a Let’s Play series on YouTube. Probably an early Pokémon game, possibly Yellow or Blue. I spent a few hours yesterday getting the recording down, and settled on using Camstudio to record the video from VisualBoyAdvance in conjunction with Audacity to remove the background noise from my recording. It seems to work pretty well, so here’s the first minute I uploaded to YouTube yesterday with some more coming in the next week!

If anyone watches this, please let me know what you think! Thank you 😀