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Week 1

Things I am going to do this week, apparently by writing them down publicly I might stand more of a chance of doing these.productivity-1995786_1920.jpg

  • Complete Apple Watch Activity Rings 7/7 Days
  • 3x45minute workouts on Apple Health
  • Reach 4 hours of ‘Very Productive’ each day M-F on RescueTime
  • Blog about what games I’ve been playing (and not playing)
  • Throw out more shit I don’t need from my tiny flat
  • Focus on 2-3 games, not 12 different games.
    • Formula 1 2016 (PS4)
    • Magical Starsign on (DS)
    • Zelda Picross (3DS, I might even finish it this week!!)

So little time, so many games (and so much uni work!)

I don’t really have much to talk about this week. I have loads of work for uni to do, just three weeks left of project and plenty of assignments to be getting on with. So I thought I’d write a post about the books and games I am currently enjoying.

Since I just bought a PSP Go last week (That’s another story I’ve yet to share with you…) I bought a few classic PSP games on the PSN (Both GTA games, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy 1) and so far I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Disgaea.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that LCS game out in 2005. When I was fifteen. Seven years ago. It’s just as awesome as I remember it being, and it looks lovely on the Go’s screen.

Disgaea 3 was the reason I was going to buy a Vita (since the remake will be released in April) but I saw that the first two Disgaea games that I have yet to play where both on PSN for about £8. I still have so many DS and PC games that I’ve yet to play so it seems rather silly buying yet another launch console.

I tidied up my shelf last week, here is my DS and 3DS nook:

ds games

Out of all these games, I’ve only really completed… none of them fully except I guess the Pokémon games. Shameful I know. And yet I continue to buy games…. I’m not even going to look at the percentage of Steam games I own that I’ve actually played….

Where did November go?

November has flown by, it’s nearly Christmas once again and I’m getting swamped by university work and games. Mainly by uni work, because I insist on not doing it when I really ought to. The ten hours of Skyrim I played were amazing, but I really need a few solid days to get into it properly. Which isn’t going to happen! I preordered Saints Row the 3rd on Onlive to get a free microconsole, which did work out pretty well seeing I got a free copy of Tropico 4 since the console was delayed. Still haven’t played Saints Row yet, though.


And I now have three lab reports to write, and three assignments due next week, and Mario Kart 7 to play on Friday (if Amazon manage to deliver it, that is).