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Getting back into Python

I had a realisation this week that I should spend more time outside of work doing things to improve myself. I’m on track with my diet (mostly), I’m trying to cut back on sugars and (especially) sweeteners, so why not do something that stretches my brains in the evenings.


I have enough games in my backlog that I could probably play every game to completion and still not beat them all before I retire so that’s kind of low priority, I just need to stop buying new fucking games. Hmm. Looking at you, Lumines Remastered. And N++. And Smash Bros.  And the stupid fucking Snes Mini sat on my desk.

Anyway, I was pretty nifty with Python about ten years ago so why not jump back in. I vaguely remember working on an IRC bot for the channel I used to mod back in the day!

I found this list of mini projects which I am going to work through and blog about as I get through them.

  1. Dice Rolling Sim
  2. Guess the Number
  3. Mad Libs
  4. Text Adventure Game
  5. Hangman

I spent an evening this week setting up a Linux virtual machine to keep my environment consistent no matter what computer I am using (VirtualBox + Ubuntu 18.04) and revived my old BitBucket account (because I like the ability to set a repository to private) then spent an evening learning Git whilst cobbling together two versions of the dice sim. I’ll make a separate post about that soon.



Week 1 – Recap

Activity June 19th-25th

My weekly activity started strong. I managed my active calorie ring every single day (time to up my target!), smashing it on the Monday + 32 minutes of ‘exercise’ & 14 hours standing.

Err, it all went downhill from there… I feel like I should at the very least be completing my Active Calories AND my Stand Goal.

I don’t really feel like I achieve the ring goals this week.

week 1 goals

Moving on to number 2… Well, I did not complete any workouts. And I feel bad. Hopefully this motivates me more next time! I think I will shorten the workouts to at least get them logged.

#3… I started using RescueTime in conjuction with Exist.io which is a dashboard of ‘everything’:… Apple Health, Last.FM, the weather, productive time (more on this shortly), MyFitnessPal, and so many more. I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re into stats/data and want to see correlations from your own life.

It seems I am a lazy bum on the weekends, so I think I will go for a walk later….!

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 09.59.05

My Exist.io averages dashboard

Exist.io gets its productivity data from a service called ‘RescueTime‘. This runs on my work computer only and basically tracks if what I am currently doing is productive or distracting. For the first few days, I was obsessing over the reports but now I am happy to just let it run and look every couple of days.

For the first full week, I wanted to hit 4 hours of ‘productive’ time a day. I logged 25h27m on RescueTime in total this week. 18h14m ‘very productive’, 2h17m ‘productive’, with less than 2.5 hours of distracting time. I spent 4 days in the office, so it seems  I smashed my 4 hour a day a goal! Result!

#4… I have a draft in Onenote waiting to be finalised! Spoiler, I played iOS games this week! Normal backlog service will resume soonish.

#5… We went through some more stuff, but it’s getting harder now. Sentimental value is kicking in! Perhaps better storage solutions are the key to happiness in this regard.

#6… See number 4…

Catching up with my iPad and other assorted crap

I’m quite happy to have my shiny (sort of) new iPad. No, I don’t have an iPad (3rd Generation) or a ‘New iPad’ as everyone loves to call it. I bought my dad’s old iPad because he of course had to have to latest. Not a problem, it means I get his old stuff. It’s not that old, and it’s still very awesome. Considering I recently discovered a version of Sim Tower for the thing… (Yoot Tower, if you are interested at all)

I’ve been without an iPad for just under two months (I sold my iPad in January for £180 to CeX..), I thought I could do without it but I was sorely mistaken. App wise, I missed Alient Blue and Flipboard. Now I’ve gotten a bluetooth keyboard setup with my iPad I am hoping that I might blog slightly more, but that of course depends if I have anything interesting to say (By the way if you are trying to pair and Apple Bluetooth Keyboard, hold down the power button until the iPad recognises the keyboard and gives you a number to pair it with (and not before… took me ages to figure that out))

Other things I missed included easily catching up with my youtube subscriptions from the comfort of bed (Epic Meal Time, The Slow Mo Guys, and Alex Day.. thank you for all the entertaining videos but Alex, I’m not so sure about your latest song…)

In other news, uni has just become stressful and more of a nightmare and I’ve been sick all week with some random bug that had me in bed all day and awake all night. Missing an open day at Glamorgan in the process. Next one isn’t till June either and it isn’t specific to my course either! Boo.

I’ve also learnt some more about time management this week, and I am trying to avoid doing uni work on weekends and after 10pm at night. Except this week, because I was sick, which completely threw off my plan. But whatever, I have two nights and two essays to write. Easy…. See you on the other side… Wasn’t that a boring update on my life?

So little time, so many games (and so much uni work!)

I don’t really have much to talk about this week. I have loads of work for uni to do, just three weeks left of project and plenty of assignments to be getting on with. So I thought I’d write a post about the books and games I am currently enjoying.

Since I just bought a PSP Go last week (That’s another story I’ve yet to share with you…) I bought a few classic PSP games on the PSN (Both GTA games, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy 1) and so far I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Disgaea.

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that LCS game out in 2005. When I was fifteen. Seven years ago. It’s just as awesome as I remember it being, and it looks lovely on the Go’s screen.

Disgaea 3 was the reason I was going to buy a Vita (since the remake will be released in April) but I saw that the first two Disgaea games that I have yet to play where both on PSN for about £8. I still have so many DS and PC games that I’ve yet to play so it seems rather silly buying yet another launch console.

I tidied up my shelf last week, here is my DS and 3DS nook:

ds games

Out of all these games, I’ve only really completed… none of them fully except I guess the Pokémon games. Shameful I know. And yet I continue to buy games…. I’m not even going to look at the percentage of Steam games I own that I’ve actually played….

Why I’m not going to buy a PS Vita straight away

I was tempted to preorder a PS Vita Wifi model today, but then I remembered my early 3DS adoption issues. I had Zelda to play for months and that was it. The ambassador games eventually game, but I bought the system in March and didn’t start playing it till December when the Mario games arrived on the scene.

None of the Vita launch titles excite me greatly, and some googling revealed that I won’t be able to play my PS1 classics that I bought on the PS3 ‘at launch’ but rather an unspecific time later. Seriously, what the fuck Sony?  That would of made me purchase the system on Day 1. You have the infrastructure present, why can’t you role this out to your new flagship handheld?

Sony! If you had let me log into my PSN account and download my PS1 games I would of preordered a Vita. Sorry, but you’ve messed this one up and you’ve even had a year to one-up Nintendo with their dismal 3DS launch (which has flowered into a pretty awesome first year, by the way). I’ll just wait till Disgaea comes out in March it seems. Handily I get my student loan in early April….

Oh yeah, the Vita does Street Pass too. No wait, I meant Near Application.

“The Near application on PS Vita allows users to discover the games other PS Vita owners are playing nearby. Near also enables location-based gaming features such as gifting, where users can share and leave behind virtual items, such as costumes and treasures, at locations they have visited. “

That sounds… pretty much like the 3DS’s StreetPass, wouldn’t you say?